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Established in 1907 by the secretive Frairdecodd Fellows in honor of Sir Renchmounth Frairdecodd, Esq. (Sir Frairdecodd disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1819), the EXPEDITIONERS CLUB celebrates and commemorates Great Adventurers and their Amazing Endangerments.

The Expeditioners Club was first unearthed while we were creating the Field Guide for Myths & Monsters Vol I, the Definitive Archaeological Tome for Generations of Explorers & Myth Chroniclers
written by us,
Eric MacDicken & Kristina S. Alcorn.
Eric & Kristina

Paired with the discovery of the Lost Journal Page Fragment, the discovery of the secretretive Expeditioners Club has inspired us to embark on an all new exploration to recover the Thalmeus Journal. With previously obscured information and arcane clues gleaned from the partial parchment, we are hot on the trail to decode the full tale.
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